About Aller Holding A/S

Aller Holding A/S was founded in 1873 under the name Carl Allers Etablissement A/S in Copenhagen by Carl Julius Aller and wife Laura. In 1874 they started the publication of Nordisk Mønster Tidende (later named Femina) and in 1877 the first issue of Illustreret Familie Journal was published.

Aller Holding A/S early began to publish magazines in both Norway and Sweden. Aller Media AB (previously Svenska Aller AB) was founded in 1894 followed by Aller Media AS (previously Norsk Aller AS) in 1897. In 1992 publication in Finland began with the foundation of Aller Media OY (previously Aller Julkaisut OY).

Today Aller Holding A/S appears as the parent company of a modern media group, which is the leading publisher of weeklies in the Nordic countries with its weekly circulation of approximately 2,7 mio. issues. Today the 5th generation is running the company.

All our activities

Please have a look at Aller Holding A/S’ annual report (in Danish) here


Aller Media A/S is market leading within weeklies with publications such as SE & HØR, Familie Journal, Ude og Hjemme, BILLED-BLADET, SØNDAG and FEMINA. In addition the company publishes a large range of magazines such as Isabellas, IN and ELLE.

Aller Tryk A/S (Aller’s printing company situated in Denmark) specializes in the printing of weeklies, magazines, catalogues and advertising prints. Aller Media in Denmark and Sweden are its largest customers.

Aller Holding A/S is situated in Copenhagen and has the same address on Havneholmen as Aller Media A/S.

Visit Aller Media A/S: www.aller.dk


Aller Media AB is market leading in Sweden with weeklies such as Allers, Hemmets Veckotidning, Allas Veckotidning, SE & HÖR, Svensk Damtidning and Hänt Extra. Additionally a large number of magazines such as Femina, ELLE, Café and MåBra together with the internet portal blogg.se.

Visit Aller Media AB: www.aller.se


Aller Media AS has a considerable market share and publishes among other weeklies SE og HØR, Allers, and KK. In addition also a number of magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Topp, Vakra Hjem & Interiør together with internet portals such as SOL.no, lommelegen.no and FASHIONstreet.no etc.

Visit Aller media AS: www.aller.no


Since the beginning of 1992 Aller Media OY has obtained a substantial market share with i.e. the publications 7 päivää, Katso and the magazines ELLE, fit and Miss Mix together with the internet portal suomo24.fi.

Visit Aller Media Oy: www.aller.fi


The capital stock of Aller Holding A/S consists of 4,5 mio. A-shares and 13,5 mio. B-shares. The A-shares have full voting right and can only be acquired by the descendants of the founders Carl and Laura Aller together with the Aller Foundation and by Aller Holding A/S itself. The B-shares have no voting right and they are freely negotiable. The shares of Aller Holding A/S are not listed on any stock exchange.

The following shareholders own more than 5% of the shares in Aller Holding A/S:

The Aller Foundation owns more than 50% of the A-shares and also the votes. The Aller Foundation was founded in 1981 by Svend Aller, Carl Erik Aller and Jørgen Aller. Because of its majority the Aller Foundation has large indirect influence on the operations of Aller Holding A/S.