Aller Holding A/S

Aller Holding A/S was founded in 1873 under the name Carl Allers Etablissement A/S in Copenhagen by Carl Julius Aller and wife Laura. In 1874 they started the publication of Nordisk Mønster Tidende (later named Femina) and in 1877 the first issue of Illustreret Familie Journal was published.

Aller Holding A/S early began to publish magazines in both Norway and Sweden. Aller Media AB (previously Svenska Aller AB) was founded in 1894 followed by Aller Media AS (previously Norsk Aller AS) in 1897. In 1992 publication in Finland began with the foundation of Aller Media OY (previously Aller Julkaisut OY).

Today Aller Holding A/S appears as the parent company of a modern media group, which is the leading publisher of weeklies in the Nordic countries with its weekly circulation of approximately 2,7 mio. issues. Today the 5th generation is running the company.

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For the Press

Annual Report 2019/20

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Annual Report 2018/19

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Aller in Scandinavia

The Group’s head office addresses in the Nordic region

Our head office is located in Copenhagen

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