A Nordic Company

Aller Holding A/S is situated in Copenhagen and is the parent company of the following subsidiaries:

Aller Media A/S, Copenhagen (www.aller.dk) 100%
Managing director: Lars Sander Matjeka

Aller Media AB, Stockholm (www.aller.se) 100%
Managing director: Bodil Ericsson Torp

Aller Media AS, Oslo (www.aller.no) 100%
Managing director: Dag Sørsdahl

Aller Media OY, Helsinki (www.aller.fi) 100%
Managing director: Pauli Aalto-Setälä

Aller Tryk A/S, Copenhagen (www.allertryk.dk) 100%
Managing director: Jesper Jungersen

Facts about Aller Holding A/S

  • 59% of the employees are women
  • 58% of the managers in the group are women
  • The group has 2,200 employees altogether in the Nordic countries
  • The overall weekly circulation of the group amounts to 2.7 mio. publications per week
  • The weeklies are still Allers’ essential activity and core business

Number of employees per country:

Denmark:         791

Finland:            274

Norway:            617

Sweden:            591

Number of editions per country:

Denmark:         7 weeklies      12 magazines

Finland:            2 weeklies      4 magazines

Norway:            6 weeklies      9 magazines

Sweden:            8 weeklies      23 magazines

(Source: Aller Holding A/S Annual Report 2016/17)