Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 2016/2017

The below-mentioned statements form a part of the management’s review in Aller Holding A/S’ Annual Report 2016/2017.

Statutory statement for corporate social responsibility, cf. Danish financial statements act § 99


The Aller Group wishes to combine a healthy business development for the Group with a sustainable financial and environmental development in the society where Aller manages Nordic magazine releases etc.

The Code of Conduct of the Aller Group is listing a number of guidelines to ensure that the companies and employees are conscious about and understand our objectives for a sustainable and responsible business conduct. The Aller Group is primarily a media company and as such has a specific business interest in focusing on areas such as freedom of speech and communication, corruption and bribe, work environment and safety. The areas are addressed in the Group policy for corporate social responsibility and Code of Conduct.

The Aller Group has not set long-term measurable results for CSR, but seeks to increase focus on the relevant areas below through internal policies and guidelines.

Environment and climate

It is the goal of the Aller Group to print its magazines by using as few raw materials and as little energy as possible considering existing environmental approvals. Furthermore, it is the policy of the Group to reduce negative environmental impact by optimizing and reducing the energy consumption of the Group.

Aller Tryk is established in a modern building, in which the building and the ongoing investments in machinery take account of the choice of solutions that minimize the environmental impact. Furthermore, Aller Tryk is working systematically on reducing the use of paper, energy and printing colour as part of our environmental goal and has therefore invested in productivity conducive as well as environmental and eco-friendly production- and ancillary equipment.

Aller Tryk aims to continuously reduce the overall energy consumption by reducing the CO2 production. In addition, continuous reduction of the macular percentage is sought. In 2016/17 the company has finalized the implementation of a number of energy saving recommendations from an energy check carried out in 2015/16..

Aller Tryk has a license for the Swan label, which is a voluntary Nordic eco-label. The Swan is your guarantee that a product or service meets several strict requirements. And as an independent third party, it is Ecolabel Denmark, which verifies that eco-labelled products meet the requirements for eco-labelling. The Swan is based on a product’s life cycle. This means that the environmental impact is assessed right from the product is “born” as raw material, till it “dies” as waste (sources:

Aller Tryk also has a license for the EU Flower for the labelling of “Home-distributed advertisements”. The EU Flower is a voluntary European eco-label and ensures that the printed matter from cradle to grave complies with the strict demands on the impact of the printed matter on the environment

In addition, Aller Tryk has license to FSC and the Rainforest Alliance. The FSC & Rainforest Alliance both ensure sustainable forestry, including forest biodiversity in the forests, working conditions for forest workers, and above all that no more trees are felled than the forest can reproduce itself.

Work environment and safety

The Aller Group is following existing local legislation, standards and agreements, but wishes to take further responsibility to create a positive and safe work environment. Among other things this means that the Group is focusing on diversity and a psychically and physically positive work environment respecting human rights and employee rights.

All companies in the Group must provide their employees with protective equipment and the education necessary to do their jobs safely. Furthermore, they must strive at minimising discharge to the surroundings.

The whistle-blower arrangement

The Group has previously introduced a whistle-blower arrangement for the whole Group giving the employees the possibility to anonymously report suspicious or illegal conduct in a safe and efficient way. We have previously introduced a number of tightened guidelines which purpose is to further ensure the Group against violation on legislation and principles.

The Group is continuously working on making it simple and easy for all employees to relate to our principles for media responsibility by strengthening the communication regarding the guidelines. The guidelines have also been communicated to the business partners of Aller. Furthermore, all employees have been informed about the purpose and the use of the whistle-blower arrangement.

Human rights

Human rights are included as an integral part of the Group’s Code of Conduct, work with working environment and safety, as well as the above mentioned whistle-blower arrangement forms part of this work, but apart from this, no special policies or guidelines have been developed for the area.

Statutory account of the gender composition of the management, cf. § 99 b of the Danish Financial Statements Act

Employee and management

The Aller Group believes that diversity is helping create better results and make better decisions and is therefore working on maintaining an equal gender distribution in the organisation and working on securing equal possibilities for the sexes in relation to filling management positions.

As an integrated part of the employment policy of the Group and development of competences the employees will be offered further training and targeted courses if needed.

The Group’s policy for the underrepresented gender is to ensure a fair balance between the number of women and men taking into consideration the product target group, which is met with the current board and management composition.

As of 30 September 2017, the proportion of women in the company’s board of directors amounts to 38% corresponding to three persons. Thus, a good balance has been established between women and men in the management, and on this basis Aller has not set a target figure.

Of the Groups’s leading executives in 2016/17 58 % are women and 42 % are men (2015/16: 56 % / 44 %).

You can read our Code of Conduct here.